Hillary vs. Trump: The best of the worst?

Check out the verdict on the third US presidential debate of 2016.

The Social Lyceum

How honest will they really be?

This, along with many other questions, came to mind for the 71.5 million viewers who tuned in to watch the third US presidential debate on Wednesday (Oct.19th, 2016) at the Thomas & Mack centre in Nevada, Las Vegas.

In one corner, we have Hillary Clinton, the wife for former US president Bill Clinton, who comes with years of political experience as the former Secretary-of-State and then there’s Donald Trump. You might know him from The Apprentice but Trump is the wealthy businessman from Queens with an overly brash attitude coupled with a ego larger than his own net worth.

Each has their eyes set on the presidential crown and speak about the awe-inspiring changes they will make once elected yet those words are only as good as their credibility.

Who will actually do what they said on the campaign trail? Many citizens around the…

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